Guest Post: Revealing Beauty’s Secret: Inside-Out with Bella J

A trained beauty therapist spends years learning from experts from all over the world – only to realize that conventional treatments only go skin deep, and that the key to real beauty lies within. Giving proof that beauty begins from within, Sarah Jones, professional Beauty Therapist, is the founder of Bella J Ltd-inner healing for the mind, body and soul offering a collection of natural products and natural thoughts. Proper beauty entails treatments and products that are grounded in the art of spiritual healing, natural energy therapy, and are tailored to the individual based around inner emotions. 

Focusing on your inner wellbeing as well as the outward self, Bella J believes in who you are, being an individual and loving yourself. Sourced from the most natural plants, roots and herbs, the products are made with love and promote inner healing. The brand is designed to be spiritual and inspirational with a bohemian twist. The product range is luxurious, fashionable and appealing, and carries the message of self-love from the inside out.

When channeling your inner emotional being, you secure peace within yourself. This is the first and foremost secret to skincare! Taking a positive outlet on the human experience, the Bella J brand gets to the root of inner healing with beautiful quotes and literature printed on each product. I think we can all say that when we feel beautiful on the inside, we surely look beautiful on the outside, and that’s what proper beauty products entail. 

Confidence, self-love and inner peace is something that shines and is noticed by everyone around you. We can go out and purchase all of the cosmetics imaginable but without that deeper meaning, we can never truly embrace all that beauty has to offer. 

Take time to get to know yourself, stop and smell the flowers so to say. Who are you inside? Skincare collections should be make you feel beautiful inside and out. Pamper, relax, and observe who you are and it will show in your skin. Our recommendations? Begin your beauty routine with candles, focusing on your inner peace. Not only do candles set the tone for relaxation but they grasp a sense of peace, a moment of purity in a busy day.

To compliment your skincare routine, the collection of products in the ‘Falling in Love’ collection is made with 100% natural products such as Rose, Raspberry, Sunflower seed, Basil entirely designed for healing and soothing. Completely free from parabens, preservatives, petrochemicals, sulfates, artificial fragrances and colours, they can be used separately, but have also been designed to work together in order to nourish your skin to reveal your beautiful radiant soul:

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Written by Charissa Lauren