5 tips to beat the summer bloat

Okay, so the sun is out, the grill is hot and the pool is luke but your feeling like an inflated beach ball. I get it. It's summer, and with that comes the endless summer BBQ's, craft beers, homemade ice cream, and possibly taking the hashtag #Roséallday far too literally. It's not surprising that summer life can leave us feeling bloated and crappy. It can be challenging to keep up with your normal healthy eating and exercise routines when you are either attending a summer cookout, away for a weekend getaway, or on the summer wedding circuit. Wouldn't it be great if we could keep the party going and have a flat tummy at the same time?! Unfortunately, this is a dream that only Kendall Jenner is living. Luckily for us non-supermodels, there are a few ways to help beat the summer bloat.

Top 5 tips for a happy GI tract: 

1. Chew Your Food

Digestion begins in the mouth so I cannot stress the importance of chewing your food throughly at each meal! Your mouth contains digestive enzymes that helps break down your food before it gets to your stomach, which is why I give my clients a goal of chewing each bite at least 20 times before swallowing. 

2. Say No To The White Stuff

White flour, white sugar, pasta, bagels, pizzas, are no bueno for your tummy! Not only do these foods spike your blood sugar leading to increased fat in the midsection but they are also very difficult to digest. Say no to the hamburger bun and instead opt for the grass-fed burger with a side of veggies instead. Swap out the bagel and cream cheese at breakfast for two sunny side up eggs with 1/2 avocado. 

3. Fall In Love With Summer's Veggies

Summer is the best time of year for purchasing fresh produce! Just take a trip to your local farmer's market and you will find tables of vibrant greens, fresh herbs, and colorful heirloom tomatoes bursting with flavor. My general rule of thumb is to make at least 60%-70% of your plate vegetables. Fill up on summer's bounty first before going in on the other dishes. Your tummy will thank you. 

4. Stay Hydrated With Water, Avoid The Carbonated drinks 

It may sound counterintuitive, but drinking a lot of water won’t create bloat. Your body often holds onto water to not to get dehydrated, but if you’re constantly staying hydrated with H20, it gives the body permission to flush out some of its stores. Aim for at least 8 glasses of filtered water per day and skip the carbonated drinks. Why? By definition, bubbles are literally gas! So it is best to go easy on them. If you’re tummy is sensitive to bloating, give up carbonated drinks even the club soda or sparkling water. This goes without saying, soda and carbonated drinks are out of the question, these are loaded with refined sugars and not only contribute to air in your gut but also teaspoons upon teaspoons of refined sugars.

5. Take  A Probiotic

Probiotics are one of those supplements I can literally not live without. Probiotics are bacteria that help maintain your body’s natural balance of different organisms…and promote digestive health. In addition they help your digestive tract do the work by assisting the process. I recommend taking a high quality probiotic daily. For added bonus points, try to incorporate fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, or kombucha to your diet.