Square Meals: The Best and Worst Nutrition Bars

I've had many clients recently ask me which nutrition bars are healthy and which ones are just well, not. With so many different bars on the market its hard to know which ones to choose. Some claim to be "all natural", others have high amounts of protein and fiber; others can be loaded with sugar, artificial preservatives or additives. I understand how it can be overwhelming figuring out which ones are actually good for you.

While whole foods such as vegetables, oatmeal, fruits and nuts, can provide energy throughout the day, most bars are more convenient and easier to grab on the go than their unprocessed counterparts. And of course they are tasty too but, for the average person going to the gym looking to shed a few pounds, they can add just enough bad calories to negate the energy burnt during the workout. (Some of the bars have as much sugar and as much fat as a candy bar.) 

You are better off sticking to water during workouts and nix the energy bars and sports drinks. For a quick snack I tell clients to eat an apple or banana. But if you must grab a bar on the go, I like to look for ones that are not filled with unpronounceable ingredients and are not loaded with refined sugar. 

Here are my picks for the top 5 best bars, so you'll know what to grab the next time you are on the run. 

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